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Two New Releases for the Holidays!

Bull Rider Series #3

Christmas at Love House: A Bittersweet Interlude

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Four years later, Velia and Caulder finish up another year of bull riding. They settle into their comfy abode on the McCutchen Ranch in the snowy Allegheny Mountains to celebrate the Christmas season with a houseful of guests. La vita e bella! But why does their happily-ever-after have to come with an expiration date? Without warning, their most chilling nightmare comes true. An innocent misunderstanding, and a startling realization discovered too late--puts their contented little family at risk.

On top of everything else, watching a new love bloom between two of the McCutchen guests, isn't part of their agenda. Reece "Foley" Wilson, a former teammate, comes into contact with Velia's cousin at the last show of the season and again while visiting for the holiday. Grown up and feisty, Natale Valente-Armano fell in love with this cowboy as a lovesick teen. Now, life has changed for both of them. How will they handle the unfamiliar thoughts and urges overtaking them? And, how will la famiglia respond to this unexpected romance?

A little Christmas magic will be a welcome guest at Love House, but regardless if it arrives or not...during this bittersweet interlude--Velia and Caulder dare their happily-ever-after to be anything less than "forever."


New Release: Of the Cowboy's Own Accord (Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight #3)

Amazon #1 Best Seller Contemporary Western Fiction


Army Ranger Dane Carlson never means to fall in love before leaving for another tour of duty, but unexpectedly, he does. While deployed, he finds himself being sent home early to the family ranch to make a heartrending decision. Little does he know he isn’t the only one making decisions. His first priority is to rekindle the flame after losing communication with Gracelyn Clark. The woman who owns his heart and has since the moment their gaze connects. But now, nothing is the same as when they met.

The first round of news is surprise enough, yet Gracelyn continues to release shocking information detrimental to their future. Can they make it work after so few days together seven months ago? Adjusting to many new things in his life isn’t easy as it is, so to pull himself back to the man he’s become, could be the biggest test of all—in order to protect his own.

Challenges abound even as Dane and Gracelyn come to terms with the decisions they’ve made. Whatever tomorrow brings, their only choice is acceptance—to take one day at a time and face life as it comes.

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Almost Time! Book Three Coming Soon


Contemporary Western Romance Series 

Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight
Book Three

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New Release: Tristan's Destiny, Bonus Book #1.5

Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight #1.5


Author Note: This is “bonus book” 1.5 and takes place directly after Cowboy Boss and his Destiny ends. Contains SPOILERS regarding that book.

On the day they met in Cowboy Boss and his Destiny, rancher Tristan Carlson told Nora Trinity it was fate.

He fell hard and fast…
In this follow-up, Tristan and his young daughter Destiny totally give their hearts away to the woman with ginger-red hair—the woman they both love. However, a dreadful memory comes back to haunt him when a near-tragic incident occurs, leaving him to believe he and his child will have to suffer all over again.

She gave up trying to resist his sexy smile…
Nora’s chemistry mixes with his and that’s enough for her. The rancher and his little girl own her heart without even trying. Life with her new family is sweet. But due to an act of love, will the man she loves succumb to the forces of nature—at the time when she needs him the most?

Together, all they see is a future filled with sunny days. Although their days and nights are happy, fun, and bursting with passion, every day isn’t filled with sunshine. As Tristan and Nora embark on a new path filled with love and romance, their bond still needs to be strong enough to overcome obstacles. In this story, a man and his family vow to love without limits—to prevail—even though circumstances beyond their control attempt to prove them wrong.

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Double Dutch Ranch Series: 

Love at First Sight #2


Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight #2
Heartbreak's Reward


One wrong turn. Two broken families. Brought together by chance...and need. 

Rancher Jase Carlson doesn't understand the ache in the hollow of his chest, since his ex-wife ripped his heart out. She doesn't follow the court rules where his children are concerned, making him even more pissed off. Harboring a bad attitude, he wishes he wasn't a gentleman when he comes to the aid of a quick-tempered, sexy blonde. He can't allow her tight jeans and sweet smile to sway him, even after he's coerced into spending time alone with her. Fighting the torturous battle going on within his own mind and body, he can either deal with it--or succumb to the woman who appears to be everything he didn't know he needed.

In an attempt to save her rebellious teen sister from herself--as her guardian, Brenna Page leaves everything behind and moves to Canyon Junction, Arizona. When she unexpectedly meets a hot-headed cowboy with intense blue eyes and muscles to die for, the first thing she wants to do is get away. Since she can't seem to shake him, Brenna wonders if that same grudge-filled cowboy with an attitude is something worth taking on. But still dealing with painful memories, and a sister who wants nothing to do with Arizona, the last thing she needs right now is a horse ranching cowboy interfering.

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Books in this series:

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Cowboy Boss and his Destiny


Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight #1
A standalone novel

Romantic and Passionate Warm your heart and give your nerve endings a tingle at the same time


Tristan Carlson does the best he can to raise his four-year-old daughter on his own. His mother remains on the Double Dutch to lend a hand—giving him the ability to maintain the ranch, tend to his horses, and keep up his small-time ranching magazine. His attractive, new assistant is everything he wants in a woman, including her ginger-red hair. He finds it hard to keep her out of his arms—especially since she doesn’t mind being in his embrace. But from his experience with women lately, he’s learned that some don’t want a ready-made family. This one seems different, and he’s falling hard. But, there’s his little blue-eyed girl, and he’ll protect Destiny’s heart with everything within him. Until he knows for sure…

Living the good life in a big city for many years, Nora Trinity ends up a statistic after the magazine she works for makes cutbacks. Despite a family betrayal from her past that still needs mending, she moves back home to the small town of Canyon Junction, Arizona, with forgiveness on her mind. When she is hired by a local rancher to help with his ranching magazine, she finds herself profoundly attracted to him, and the feeling is mutual. The thing is, her sexy boss comes as a package deal, and his little girl is immediately drawn to her. It’s not just about two hearts taking a chance now—or two people falling in love… Nora has to be sure of what she wants before she takes on the cowboy and his child.

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Upcoming Books

Book #3
Dane Carlson's story
Spring 2015

Book #4
A new love blooms at the Double Dutch

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COVER REVEAL Hey, Cowboy (Bull Rider Series 2)

 This reveal has been a long time coming! 
The cover and blurb for the second book in the Bull Rider Series.
Hey, Cowboy #2 
Coming 2014

Hey, Cowboy Blurb

The rowdy bull rider and classy Italian are at it again.

 In Hey, Cowboy, a break in the season finds Velia Armano and Caulder McCutchen back in Tucson, Arizona. Family, friends, and rowdy cowboys are brought together to share in their joy…and sometimes their pain.

The last year with the cowboy has given her trust and strength like she’s never known. But, her strength is weakened. Enemies harbor a vendetta against her and her family…and anyone who gets in their way. Fear will not dictate her happiness or rob her of a future filled with love.

Caulder vows to protect Velia, yet little does he know the lengths he’ll have to go— He learns that sometimes a hero has to prove he is one.

He’d like to give her the world, be the man she needs, but an injury during break threatens his career. How can he give her everything when his future hangs in the balance?

All they ask for is a peaceful life together—a new bull riding season with a chance to win the coveted gold buckle, and their happily ever after.

Happiness is within reach if their burning love is strong enough to overcome enemies plotting against Velia’s family—and a possible career-ending injury for Caulder.

Come along and see what happens when the feisty Italian takes a longer ride with the rowdy bull rider.

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