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Repost: Playlist for 2011 Year in Song

Have you ever made a playlist for 12 months of your life? I came across the idea somewhere and I started compiling ideas. I came up with songs that in one way or another, fit my last year. Please accept the invitation to listen to any of your favorite songs on my list of songs for a year in my life. If you ever made one for yourself I’d love to listen. Farewell 2011. Thanks, but I don't want a replay.

January    My Immortal  Evanescence
February  Hallelujah K.D. Lang
March      Haven’t Seen the Last of Me  Cher (from Burlesque)
April        Here Comes the Sun  George Harrison
May         Reflections of Passion  Yanni
June         Schools out for Summer  Alice Cooper ( Retirement)
July          Exhale Whitney Houston (Ignore the intro commercial if you can)
August     Change in my Life Leap of Faith (Praise God!)
September  Peace Train  Cat Stevens
October    November Rain Guns N’ Roses -- I have to repeat a song here for October. My Immortal
November The Climb  Miley Cyrus
December  Gonna Fly Now  Bill Conti

Good-bye 2011

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