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COVER REVEAL Hey, Cowboy (Bull Rider Series 2)

 This reveal has been a long time coming! 
The cover and blurb for the second book in the Bull Rider Series.
Hey, Cowboy #2 
Coming 2014

Hey, Cowboy Blurb

The rowdy bull rider and classy Italian are at it again.

 In Hey, Cowboy, a break in the season finds Velia Armano and Caulder McCutchen back in Tucson, Arizona. Family, friends, and rowdy cowboys are brought together to share in their joy…and sometimes their pain.

The last year with the cowboy has given her trust and strength like she’s never known. But, her strength is weakened. Enemies harbor a vendetta against her and her family…and anyone who gets in their way. Fear will not dictate her happiness or rob her of a future filled with love.

Caulder vows to protect Velia, yet little does he know the lengths he’ll have to go— He learns that sometimes a hero has to prove he is one.

He’d like to give her the world, be the man she needs, but an injury during break threatens his career. How can he give her everything when his future hangs in the balance?

All they ask for is a peaceful life together—a new bull riding season with a chance to win the coveted gold buckle, and their happily ever after.

Happiness is within reach if their burning love is strong enough to overcome enemies plotting against Velia’s family—and a possible career-ending injury for Caulder.

Come along and see what happens when the feisty Italian takes a longer ride with the rowdy bull rider.

You can read an excerpt Here or my Website

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